Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: 2008-04-27

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to get rid of dark spots

As we age, few of us are lucky enough to have that flawless skin, so we find ways to eliminate such a problem. Billions of dollars are spent on beauty products worldwide, both prescription and non-prescription.

As one who is battling acne scars, I have done it all. So many products have failed to deliver their claims. It gets frustrating at times, therefore I try my very best to limit my use of so many skin care products.

Getting rid of dark spots is a long and tedious task but totally worth it. In trying to keep expenses in check, given the slowing economy, I have done extensive research on natural products that helps to get rid of acne scars or dark spots.

The number one product that many swear by to get rid of dark spots is Vitamin E. I could attest to this one. Sometime last year, I got a burn from applying hydrogen peroxide on a zit. I had allowed the cotton to sit for about 6 minutes and was greeted with a dime sized burn. I went to CVS and purchased their store brand vitamin E oil. It retailed for under $5.00, and contained roughly 25,000 IU. Because the dark spot was fresh, I saw great results in a week. In under two months my dark scar was completely gone. How I wish I could just splash this oil on my face to go out. Since I never leave the house without SPF, it would be impossible to use any type of oil in the morning.

Next favorite combination is: Lemon and honey combined. Yes, you heard right. It is getting really late so I will post the others under a new heading later. Thanks for visiting. Ciao