Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Achieving a More Radiant Smile

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Achieving a More Radiant Smile

Everyone loves a beautiful smile........ well, let's hope. And as many of you know, many people still refuse to go to the dentist simply because of bad past experiences. I strongly recommend that you keep testing the waters until you find the dentist you are most comfortable with. You can always solve this problem by getting a referral from trusted friends or from your online community.

In the meantime, between dental breaks you would be happy to know that there are everyday foods that can aid to you achieving a bright smile. (courtesy of Today's show). Some of these foods include:

Carrots, green tea, black tea, oranges(or vit. C foods) etc

Here is a very informative link from msnbc:

Remember you always have the option of purchasing otc teeth whitening kits. However, you should keep in mind that having healthy gums and strong teeth are prerequisites for teeth bleaching. It is highly recommneded that you find out from your dentist whether you are a candidate for otc teeth whitening.

If all else fails, remember the old tradition of oil pulling....... come on, just google it!

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