Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Beauty and Politics

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beauty and Politics

In recent times there have been such a whirlwind around Sarah Palin that I could not help but wonder the following:

If Sarah Palin had the looks of Janet Reno, would she have taken off like wild fire? If Hilary Clinton was a little younger and sexier, would she have cinched the Democratic nomination?
How much does looks play in getting elected today? Had Barack Obama have Al Sharpton's hair(ie relaxed hair), and the looks of Flava Flav, would he have advanced this far?

Sarah Palin is no doubt... hot, but what would be hotter if she stepped out of hiding and allow we the general public to know who the real baraccuda is. It is almost laughable and sad that the woman who could be VP in a few weeks is being shielded from all forms of media scrutiny. In case the Mc.Cain camp does not realize, this sends such a strong message to the undecideds.

What do you think?

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