Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: My newest Addiction from Sebastian Collection

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My newest Addiction from Sebastian Collection

Happy Sunday. Hope you guys gave thanks this morning for the breath of life. Down to business, I am two months post texturizer, and you know what that means when you have 4zzzzzzzzzzzzz type hair. The new growth becomes a little poofy. I am torn between applying a texturizer or just do some tiny box braids. As of now, I have not decided since I do not like braids.

It was during this time of hair anguish that i stumble upon "Texturizer, body builder"from Sebastian Collection. According to the 8.5 floz, beautifully shaped bottle: It can be used to separate, sculpt and define. It goes further to say this product will help treat all hair styles to a new kind of fluid texture.

I picked up a bottle and as soon as I got home plastered some on my thick mane. I was SHOCKED! My hair made a complete 360. It became so flat, I was able to pull it back in a bun. The naked eyes would NEVER have been able to guess that I was 2 months post texturizer. Amazing. Just amazing.

By the way, this sebastian collection product has a liquid gel feel with the absent to flakiness or the hardness that most gels provide. I love, love, loved it. If you are looking for a way to tame those strands, definitely give it a try!

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