Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Cheap vs. Expensive Sunglasses

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheap vs. Expensive Sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses, most of us are in a qualdrum: Should we splurge on a brand name, or do we go to the nearest Strawberry store or even the street peddlers?

There have been a plethora of surveys on the topic: Cheap sunglasses vs. Expensive ones. Interestingly enough, the results are usually very consistent. In most instances both the cheap and the expensive sunglasses were found to provide sufficient protection from UV rays.

The only problem is that one can never be too sure when purchasing the sunglasses on the streets. Simply having a sticker that says UV protection is not always a gurantee that we are receivng great coverage. Unfortunately the only way we could tell if our cheap sunglasses provides us with UV protection is by having them tested at a lab.

I will continue to take a chance by purchasing the non-brand name sunglasses at stores that I trust. Afterall the difference in spending $300 vs. $7.00 is astronomical!

If you would like to read more on cheap sunglasses vs. expensive sunglasses, here is an interesting link:

Go ahead...Keep those eyes protected! And remember, sunglasses are not just for style!

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