Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Welcome to Beauty Staples

Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome to Beauty Staples

Television's most beloved judge, Judge Judy Sheindlin, was right on the money when she said: "Dumb is forever, beauty fades."

Dumbness can be reversed......... Get an education, Learn something new etc...
Can beauty be reversed?

Depending on your field, beauty may be given greater priority than being intelligent. Ask Paris Hilton or other women who constantly grace the cover of magazines. That is not to say that all models are dumb. Take Iman for example. Iman exemplifies everything great. She has it all: Brain, Beauty, Stable family and a Compassionate heart for causes dear to her. Other beauty and brains models include: Petra Nemcova, Melania Trump, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks to name a few. Absent from this list is Concessa Alfred.....(I know what you are thinking)

I strongly believe that both beauty and brains should be celebrated. Lady O (Oprah) is known for saying: " if you got it flaunt!"
Now what if you don't "got it"? Perhaps fake it?

We live in a time where everthing is readily accessible with the click of a button or a simple phone call. Life is too short to spend hours 'not feeling good about our selves'. This blog is dedicated to those of you who want to look like the starlet you are but do not have the finances of Heidi Klum.

So Cheers to Beauty and Brains!

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