Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Curls from my first roller

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Curls from my first roller

I did a quick roller set on Saturday evening. I was surprised how smooth the curls came out. Would love to try this out again, however it is torture trying to sleep with those darn rollers! My setting lotion was s-curl moisturizer with cantu strengthening for added shine.


Shanghai Daily Muse said...

Thanks for the photos! I found your blog looking for pics of texturized hair...I'm thinking of going from natural to texturized. Do you do it yourself or go to a salon?

Lee said...

Sorry for the tardy response, I have been away for quite some time. I usually do my hair on my own since there are so few salons equiped with the right man power for texturizers. When I am too lazy, I call a trusted friend, who has worked at a couple of salons. She does house calls occasionally. I love the versatility of texturizers.