Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: My Henna treatment... Pictures included

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Henna treatment... Pictures included

Picture of texturize hair in a bun just before henna treatment. This was my 3rd henna treatment. Can you see a little color? I have never, ever used any form of chemical dyes on my hair.

The picture below was taken after a henna treatment.

Earlier this week, I proceeded to do another henna treatment san indigo and was quite pleased with the rinsing out process. Unlike my first henna treatment, the henna washed out with only a few rinses. Thank God.

I had purchased indica, (not indigo)which is a type of herbal hair color to dye my hair jet black but decided against it for the time being. This time around, it does not seem like the henna gave me brown hues. My hair does feel stronger and a tad bit dry hence the reason I soaked it with scurl activator last night. I also slept with a shower cap under my silk cap. Hair felt extremely moisturized this morning.


Sunshyne said...

What does henna do for the hair?

Lee said...

Henna really does strengthen the hair. In addition, it gives that added fullness. A side benefit would sometimes be a tinge of color. I am not sure whether you can see a little color in any of pics. It is the henna since I have never ever placed any dye chemicals on my hair.