Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: What is a Texturizer

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What is a Texturizer

What is a texturizer? Many wonder whether a texturizer is a type of relaxer. Others question whether a texturizer is natural. And the questioning continues. I think that a texturizer is a mild form of relaxer, but it is still a relaxer. Because processing times for texturize hair is far less than that of a relaxer, damage to one's hair is miminized in the texturizing process.

What is texturizing? I will spare you the monotony and not delve into any of the fancy terms as laid out by the experts. Texturizing is a type of relaxing technique that allows one to achieve a mildly different hair texture, that is usually softer, fuller, wavier and more manageable. A hair texturizer is supposed to loosen one's natural curl pattern. I have noticed that many of us who desire texurize hair have unrealistic expectations with regards to our final texturize hair outcome.

Ladies and gents, please be advised that if your natural hair type is a la Danny Glover or Samuel Jackson, do not expect your end product to produce hair like Alicia Keys. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but it is just not happening. I have noticed vast differences in results with texturizer hair from folks who claim to have the same hair type especially 4b. The varied texturize hair results highlight the 'fact' that there may be different types of 4b hair.

Now that you know the definition of texurize hair and texturizing, go ahead get your texturizer and I will be too thrilled to experiment with your natural hair... at your own risk of course! Please feel free to suggest topics that you wish to be covered about texturize hair. I am not an expert but will try my utmost best to be resourceful to you.

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