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Monday, September 15, 2008

Texturize Hair: All about the products

Keeping texturize hair beautiful requires proper moisturizing products. As previously mentioned, I have been spotting a texturizer for several years therefore I have experimented with a number of reasonably priced items.


Conditioner: Every woman should have at least 3 different types of conditioners. Almost on a daily basis we have different cravings, likewise, our hair has different needs on different days. Texturize hair loves a clean scalp. Products respond very well to clean and healthy hair. One of my favorite conditioning moisturizers is from Trader Joes. It is very affordable, costs under $3.00. In the past I use this Trader Joe conditioner almost on a daily basis especially during summers. I am trying to refrain from wetting my hair everyday. It's a challenge, really, since there is nothing more heavenly than have lukewarm water drenching the hair. Very relaxing. Ok. We were talking about conditioners.

Another favorite moisturizing conditioner which I discovered only a few months ago is: Olive oil Deep conditioner by Africa's Best. This beauty is the bomb! When my Trader Joe's conditioner finished unexpectedly, I did not even rush to replace my bottles. I had Africa's Best. I never thought I would say this but it goes a little further than Trader Joe's when it comes to moisturizing. And remember, texturize hair needs all the moisture it can get.

Did I mention the best part? Africa's Best is under $4.00 and is forumulated with extrra virgin olive oil. I guess one could always add evoo to any not so moisturizing conditioner... Remember, I am no expert. All I know is that texturize hair needs a lot of moisturize to give those curls an extra omph!

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