Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Pictures of textured black hair

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures of textured black hair

Pictures of textured hair

Here is a picture of a texturizer. This texturize picture was taken sometime during Spring of 2008. Keep in mind, I am my own worst photographer, so bare with me. The first textured picture featured is what I call the dry texturize hairstyle. To achieve such fullness, I simply braid my hair at nights. It is textured pictures like these that have a few questioning my 4b hair type. I do not go through life thinking about hair textures. What I am most concerned about is spotting a healthy hair of head.

It really grieves me to see so many black women go bald in their experimentation of weaves. (Before the weave gals jump on me, I am not saying that weaves are a no-no.) In fact most things done correctly, including weaves can produce great results. KFC everynight anyone for a year? Hello...

I would really like to help steer black women on the right path to achieving healthy, fuller hair. And it would not hurt if that hair type is texturize. That's all for now

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